Rebellion Festival Preview: Spring Park

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Ahead of this year’s Rebellion Festival we’re asking a selection of the band’s who are appearing about what we can expect, and for their advice on surviving the four day festival. In the sixth of The Punk Site‘s Rebellion Festival previews we feature melodic punks, Spring Park. Their 2015 debut album, Happy Pills, was released via Sewer Rat Records, this was swiftly followed up by the Blow Up Your TV! EP and the band have now started work on their sophomore full length that is due out in 2019. The Rebellion Festival will be taking place at Blackpool Winter Gardens between the 2nd and 5th August 2018, you can view the full line up and purchase tickets for this years festival here. You can read about what to expect from Spring Park at the 2018 Rebellion Festival below

Is this your first experience of the Rebellion Festival or have you played before?
I’ve been coming to Rebellion since 2005 when it was called Wasted, back then it was by far the best festival I had ever been to and its only got better year on year. I’ve been lucky enough to of played it a few times before in other bands but this is the 1st time of bringing Spring Park to Rebellion so it feels pretty special this year.
What can we look forward to from your set?
We’re gonna be playing a set filled with new songs that will be on our upcoming album, with only 2 or 3 old ones thrown in so its pretty exciting to be playing all these new songs. We’ve got a new one called ‘Charlie’ and is a nod to everyone’s favourite frontman, its a catchy one so it’d be wicked to see people singing along to that one!
What makes the Rebellion Festival special for you?
Meeting old and new friends is an amazing part of the weekend, plus seeing bands that you’ve listened to growing up just hanging out and drinking with the rest of us is always great to see. The punk scene and Rebellion Festival in particular is just full of great people and you rarely see any egos. It always has a great family vibe to it and thats exactly what its like, one big punk rock family.
Will you have the chance to catch anyone else whilst you’re there and is there anyone else on the bill you’d recommend people go and see?
I’ll definately be going to see The Wildhearts, i’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them over the years but I’ve always hoped they’d get the call to play and this year they did, so I can’t miss that! A band I recommend people go see is Aerial Salad, they’re good lads and an amazing young band playing the kind of stuff I like to play, snotty nosed brat music! Lots of love for that band!
If you could pick one band to appear at the Rebellion Festival who would it be?
Well, I wanna say The Clash but of all bands still around, it’d have to be The Specials, and if they did a set of songs only up to Insomniac I’d pick Green Day too.
Do you have a favourite memory from a previous Rebellion Festival?
One of the special moments of Rebellion for me was just after Poly Styrene passed away, there was a tribute for her, it was really emotional, most of us in the room also saw Poly at her last gig with X-Ray Spex.  The room was packed out and friends and fans took it in turns to go up and tell their own stories on how Poly and her music had touched them. My friend Rick went up and told us his story, there wasn’t a dry eye in that room, it was an amazing celebration of a true warrior of the punk world.
Are you currently on tour if so where else are you playing this year?
We’re in the process of writing and demoing for our new album but we do have some more festivals coming up including one of our favorites ‘Hard Drive’ festival in Coalville. The Vic Coalville has always been a good place for Spring Park, if you’ve not been before go check it out! We’re also in Bedford Esquires later in the year too, but after the summer we’ll be focussing on getting the new album ready and then booking up tours for 2019 to promote the release. So any promoters out there get in touch via our band page to book us, we wanna’ take the new record anywhere and everywhere!
What can we look forward to from you in the next twelve months?
Other than the new album and touring it, we’ll also be working on our annual Halloween cover and video. Halloween and horror is a big thing for me and as a band we really enjoy how we get to do something different. The last few years we’ve covered The Misfits, Rancid, Green Day and Offspring, we’re well over due a UK heavy weight to cover! Any suggestions or requests get in touch.
Do you have any festival survival tips?
Keep yours eyes peeled for all of your punk rock brothers and sisters, if someone looks worse for where go check up on em and see if theyre ok, if we do that for the weekend we’ll be all good! Oh and stay clear of breakfast jager bombs in bus stops, they’ll kill ya!
Is there anything else in Blackpool you’d recommend people experience whilst they’re in the town?
The £1 bakery, check that out! Its cheap, there’s loads of veggie options too and it means you get to spend more money on booze, cds, tees and vinyl at the festival!
Finally when and where are you appearing?
We’re playing the Rebellion Introducing Stage on Sunday at 4pm and then hitting the bar as hard as we can at 4.30, Come join us!
Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, we’ll see you down the front
Spring Park‘s Facebook page can be found here
You can stream, download and purchase Spring Park via BandCamp here