Roots Round Up Drop Sixth Album “Up Rooted”

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D.O.A. frontman’s Joey Keithley‘s Sudden Death Records have release Up Rooted, the sixth album from Vancouver, BC veterans Roots Round Up. The album features a dozen tracks, including six new original songs, a cover of D.O.A.‘s War In The East, a unique take on the Sarcastic MannequinsRed Fury and four live recordings from a performance on Denman Island, BC from June 2023 that captures Roots Round Up‘s distinctive and eclectic blend of rock’n roll, reggae, ska, afro-beat, folk, funk and punk. The album was recorded by Stephen Hamm at Simian Studios in Burnaby, BC, with final mixing and mastering by Chris Wardman.

“Roots Round Up has always been more about the live shows than the recorded output, but capturing that in a recording has proved elusive. The live songs were captured at our first full show after the pandemic had settled down, and we were more than a little excited to be playing again. Especially on Denman Island where we have played many times over the years. We had gotten an audio feed from Chris Wardman’s mix of the show and as we listened back the next day, we thought “wait a minute… this came out well!” (guitarist David Hathaway)