Rotten Mind’s Jakob Mind Releases Debut Solo Album ‘The One Who Got Away’

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Jakob Mind is Rotten Mind guitarist and vocalist Jakob Arvidsson‘s solo project. His debut album, The One Who Got Away, is now available via Lövely Records. Blending the sound that put Rotten Mind on the underground radar with Jakob’s own musical influences, The One Who Got Away offers a recognizable yet fresh take on guitar-driven “loser punk”.

The One Who Got Away contains ten tracks, ranging from straightforward punk, post-punk to noise-infused experimental rock. The setting is Jakob’s hometown of Uppsala, Sweden, and the stories revolve around friendship, relationships, and life on the streets. Presented with straightforward and honest lyrics that simply describe reality as it is. You can read The Punk Site‘s five star review of The One Who Got Away here

“The lyrics are about life and thoughts in general. This past year I’ve had close friends who died, I’ve lost jobs etc. I always try to just write about what’s going on right now…”

The One Who Got Away can be streamed and purchased digitally here, the album will be released on vinyl on the 10th May and can be pre-ordered on transparent blue vinyl and transparent/clear vinyl variants via Bandcamp.