Rubrics (South Carolina)/Abolitionist (Portland) split 7″ now available!

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South Carolina’s Rubrics and Portland’s Abolitionist has teamed up for a brand new split 7″ to be co-released by several international DIY punk labels.

The album can be streamed here and is available for pre-order.  A full list of labels and their regions can be found below.

500 pressed on mixed color vinyl by these fine labels:

1. 1859 (Portland, OR)
2. Get Better (SC)
3. Drunken Sailor (UK)
4. Different Kitchen (UK)
5. Waterslide (Japan)
6. Bonfire Club (SC)
7. Reality Is A Cult (IN)
8. Lost Cat (MN)
9. Fly The Light (TN)
10. Hahaha cool! (Canada)