Sam And The Terrible News Reveal New Single ‘Talkers’

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After the release of the debut single, All the Lights On, in January, Sam And The Terrible News have revealed Talkers, the second single to be drawn from their debut album ‘Face A‘ that will be released later this year. With a punk rock sound straight out of a soundtrack of 2000s films, Talkers perfectly describes the relationship that millennials have with each other, in the digital age. 

“This song is about my generation. Ironically, I describe the disconnect between people my age and from our own true emotions. As our lives are mainly based on social media, it goes without saying that everyone is looking to get everyone’s attention online. We lose sight of what real life is and it gradually turns into a shit show and not based on what really matters. Still, we don’t seem to care enough to change it”.

You can stream and purchase Talkers here