Second Player Score Share “Game On” From Upcoming “Four-D: The Autumn Suite” EP

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Washington three-piece Second Player Score have shared their brand new single, Game On, that is taken from their forthcoming EP, Four-D: The Autumn Suite. Drawing influence from the peak of pop punk in the late ’90s and early 2000s, Game On offers a quick, upbeat tempo which incorporates the group’s overall nerd punk aesthetic alongside an inspirational approach to being pushed down, but always getting back up. Four-D: The Autumn Suite is the second EP release of a series that creates the group’s full-length concept album, Four-D.

“The song ‘Game On’ is part of what will eventually be a full concept album called ‘Four-D’. While it’s one chapter in the overall story, the lyrics—which are about fighting back after getting smacked in the mouth—are general enough that people can relate to them on their own, without knowing any other details. Musically, it’s a short, uptempo track with a ’50s-style chord progression that we think would be appropriate for a workout playlist or maybe a good old-fashioned mosh pit, assuming those things are still happening.”

You can stream Game On via Spotify & Bandcamp