Shred Flintstone Unleash New Album “Unlimited Power”

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Shredding like they never shredded before, New Jersey rockers Shred Flintstone have released their second full length, Unlimited Power, on September 3rd. With a near-lethal injection of energy, the album rips from start to finish, showcasing a cohesive blend of gritty bass, guitar and drums, with vocal melodies that gel like they were born to be there. The pent-up energy shows through super-tight drumming and a shimmery crunchiness in production. Unlimited Power was recorded at Kaleidoscope in Union City, with Jeremy Delaney engineering and mixing the tracks. Shred Flintstone will be launching into an east coast tour, with dates in New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

“The songs were recorded live. This is the actualized sound of us, which is awesome because we haven’t captured that before. We were channeling some weird energy in the months leading up to recording the album. We created a mood board of macho man figures as a funny critique of hyper-masculinity and an ironic way to hype ourselves for the record and bring that energy into recording at the same time.” (singer and guitarist Dan Barrecchia)

Unlimited Power is now available via digital platforms including Spotify and Bandcamp