Skin Failure Invite You Into The “Meat Pond” On New Video

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Progressive thrash/hardcore group Skin Failure have revealed their new video for Meat Pond, the first visual treat of their out-of-this-world debut album Radillac, which will be released on the 11th November via Small Pond Records. The single also features guest vocals from Charlie Davis of Wasted Death and Beggar.

“One of our favourites, this track came together super-fast when we were writing and then in the studio and it was a total joy to have Charlie (Davis) (Wasted Death / Beggar) come and guest with us. He really added some gnarly fucking character to the choruses and then the part in seven just sounds beastly with both Will and Charlie’s voices.”

Skin Failure

Radillac tells the story of an interdimensional ‘Jesus’, flung into amphetamine-powered wormhole and travelling through time and space. Meat Pond, track three from the record, has our ‘Jesus’ finding himself in 1980’s London, meeting a godlike Jeff Bridges and training in a Matrix-style montage. This is not your everyday album, then. A full-throttle, high-psychedelia record, Radillac is the sound of a band having as much fun as is inhumanly possible. Elements as disparate as Every TimeI DieMastodon, and Slayer clash and combine to thrilling effect, with a bonus guest feature from UK comedy legend Ed Gamble on track four’s Remy LeBeau’s Big Pile of Bones.