Skinny Lister Drop New Single ‘Bavaria Area’ And Announce UK & German Tour Dates

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A joyful burst of ska-punk meets new-wave energy signifies that Skinny Lister are back with a brand new track, one that is primed for crowd pogoing madness as they anticipate an extensive run of tour dates for 2021 and 2022. Joining the bill of Xtra Mile Recordings’ The Gathering festival shows from this June, the folk punk favourites will also be supporting Frank Turner at his Lost Evenings IV Festival at The Roundhouse, London before headlining their own UK tour later this year. They are also offering ample support to ska stalwarts Less Than Jake for their UK dates in 2022 and Skinny Lister will be reconnecting with their friends in Germany during a string of headline shows in the country next year. With a reputation for one of the most notorious live shows on the circuit, the Skinnies have been positively itching to get back out on the road. Their new single, Bavaria Area, finds them reminiscing about the moments good, bad and ugly that come with the rock’n’roll touring lifestyle

“Firstly, it’s worth noting that we love Bavaria. It’s a stunning part of the world and our fans and shows there are some of the best, as they are across the whole of Germany! However, for some reason, when touring the area, we often seem to attract the unwanted attention of Bavarian police. ‘Bavaria Area’ is a tongue-in-cheek recollection of one of our many experiences of being pulled over. On this particular occasion we were ominously led off the road into a large garage, the shutter was brought down behind us and we were thoroughly quizzed and searched. Sniffer dogs were even brought out to check if we were carrying any dodgy substances. Fortunately, we weren’t. It was a slightly unnerving experience, not to mention an unscheduled delay as we were heading to our next show! And to top it off, after only 15 minutes down the road after being allowed to continue, we were again pulled over by different officers, who alarmingly pulled on rubber gloves as they approached our van! Anyway – we got a song out of it so not all bad. And we can’t wait to return to Bavaria when we hit Munich as part of our German Tour in June 2022. Prost!” 

You can view Skinny Lister‘s tour dates and purchase tickets here and Baviaria Area can be streamed and purchased here