“Socks On Records & Friends Vol. 2” Compilation Released

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Socks On Records have released the Socks On Records & Friends Vol. 2 compilation that features 23 bands from label’s releases and live shows, including Our Souls, Al Pacino’s Sister, Get The Fuck Outta Dodge, The Deadites, Rites Of Hadda, Das Kapitans and We Punch Tigers.

Socks On Records

“Socks On Records exists to be a home for likeminded DIY punk/alternative bands who appreciate the importance of community, sharing, kindness….and not being a dick. This compilation is packed with bands on the Socks On Bandcamp label and tonnes of bands who have featured/will be featuring, on Socks On gigs and alldayers. Give the bands a follow and a share in real life and internet life. It goes a long way and is really appreciated.”