Spizzenergi’s Top Ten Punk Love Songs For Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once more and the legendary punk rocker Spizz of Spizzenergi has a brand new single out to mark the occasion, in a The Punk Site exclusive he has also put together his favourite ten punk love songs to mark the upcoming ‘Feast of Saint Valentine‘. Spizzenergi have been busy of late with their previous single ‘Christmas In Denmark Street‘ entering the official UK Vinyl Singles Chart at No 13. Now as the new year unfolds, their current single, ‘Valentine’s Day‘, is generating much interest for its faithful re-imagining of the David Bowie original, the single is available via digital platforms and can be pre-ordered on vinyl via Holy Dotage Records

Valentine’s Day‘ can be pre-ordered on vinyl here and can be streamed and purchased digitally here.

You can check out Spizzenergi‘s top ten punk love songs, including the ‘Valentine’s Day‘ video, below

Spizzenergi’s Top Ten Punk Love Songs For Valentines Day

The Damned ‘Love Song

The reformed Damned came back with their sensational album Machine Gun Etiquette – and arguably the band’s finest. I loved the fact that the Damned could produce such a great pop song.

PiL ‘(This is not a) Love Song

Again, flipping the punk theme with a bit of disco, as pioneered by SPIZZENERGI on ‘Soldier Soldier’.

Richard Hell & the Voidoids ‘Love Comes in Spurts

I was so excited when this came out because it was like telling the truth about sex – this was perfect punk territory.

Buzzcocks ‘Orgasm Addict

There are of course so many from this band, I decided to avoid the obvious despite its genius as so many have listed before me. This is another master stroke though, once again Pete Shelley’s lyrics became a habit that sticks.

Siouxsie & The Banshees ‘Love in a Void

This band were already so tight live when we supported them in 1978 – this was always an absolute smash each night – a great song!

Amazing Space Frogs ‘(I’m into) Necrophilia

Middlesbrough Rock Garden’s erstwhile local support act circa 1979, the Amazing Space Frogs go for gold with this now very collectible EP and homage to easy, if not a little chilly, sex. Nuns of Destruction on the flipside is also a must listen.

Athletico Spizz 80 ‘Central Park

Along with ‘Spock’s Missing’, this is the closest to an all out ‘love song’ that we ever produced.

Alice Cooper ‘I Love the Dead

Yes he’s Punk and clearly one the foundation stones of the movement. Necrophilia is always so much easier when tongue is planted firmly in cheek.

Iggy Pop ‘China Girl

As always David Bowie managed to polish his own work to a higher standard. There is debate whether or not it is about Iggy’s woman at the time or certain exotic substances, but this is a pretty version by Iggy – a really cool rendition of a great song.

Spizzenergi ‘Valentine’s Day

Well they say you should never cover a song if you cannot improve it or take it to another level, or give it a fresh twist and I think we’ve done that.