Summer Years Release “What You’re Made Of” Single & Announce New EP

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San Diego, CA pop-punk band Summer Years have released What You’re Made Of, the third single off their upcoming EP, You Can’t Live There Forever, that is due out on January 7th on Enci Records. Summer Years‘ core sound is comprised of powerful rhythms, melodic guitar parts, and meaningful lyrics. With influences rooted in the classic pop-punk of bands such as Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World, Summer Years explore a sound that bridges generations of punk rock.

“Moving forward with a project like this was intimidating because there was no clear future set before us, no shows or tours to work towards or any inkling of what the future of the music industry will be like. It was just us in there getting it done with a lot of uncertainty in our future. It was really cathartic at the same time because we felt really fortunate to be able to do what we love during these times and to be able to be creative and expressive is a healing force. The word perseverance really comes to mind with this EP, and it’s really fitting for walking through the last year and a half.”

You can stream What You’re Made Of here