Summer Years Reveal “You Can’t Live There Forever” EP & “Small World” Video

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San Diego, CA pop-punk band Summer Years have just dropped their new EP, You Can’t Live There Forever, via Enci Records, the band have also shared the video for the new single, Small World. Band member Noah Rabe says, “Small World is the first ballad from Summer Years. Nick wrote the lyrics about his home town and the desire to keep the things you love sacred and the same, but knowing that things always change is the best way to value what you have. If it doesn’t last forever, when ‘it’ is happening, that’s the time to enjoy it. As for the video we got to enjoy a couple hot August summer days near Joshua Tree filming. We loved the cast and crew we worked with. Everyone was motivated to put together something special, and I think we did just that.”

Summer Years‘ core sound is comprised of powerful rhythms, melodic guitar parts, and meaningful lyrics. With influences rooted in the classic pop-punk of bands such as Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World, Summer Years explore a sound that bridges generations of punk rock. When asked to describe the band’s sound, Nick Lanari explains, “Summer Years is rock music. Pop & punk rock-infused music, but at its core, it’s for anyone who likes to rock and enjoys lots of melody. We definitely operate with the energy and big rhythms of a punk band, but I think we will always be accessible to anyone. Kids who are just getting into guitar music or who have never listened to pop punk! I think our music is for everyone. Even soccer moms. Haha.”

You can stream the You Can’t Live There Forever EP here