Sun Room Declare “At Least I Tried” On New Single

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Today, ringleaders of SoCal’s thriving surf-rock scene, Sun Room, capture the energy and chaos of their garage jams on new single and upcoming EP title track, At Least I Tried. Barely making it through the week, but remaining totally unphased by it, the band shows that they’re just along for the ride. Produced by Zac Carper of FIDLAR, Sun Room got to team up with one of their biggest musical influences from growing up in California. The two-and-a-half-minute ripper runs from Monday to Sunday, seeing the band lose their keys, crash their car, and an appearance from recurring character in their music, their van getting towed. Next week, fans can keep an eye out for an official video to accompany At Least I Tried. The coming months will see even more music from Sun Room as they work their way towards the At Least I Tried EP later this Fall.

Sun Room

“The second I dropped out of school and Sun Room started touring, a bunch of my friends suddenly thought I had all this money, all of sudden, and thought I had it all together… but that wasn’t true at all. If anything, life just got more hectic in an almost comical way. Going on tour, especially because we were winging it, things go wrong more often than not, and you just gotta laugh it off and try to figure out where to go from there. Some of our favorite stories from the road are when everything goes completely wrong and you just end up sitting there dying laughing at yourselves because you can’t believe how wrong things turned out.  I think that’s kind of where ‘At Least I Tried’ came from – finding fun in the chaos of life and being in a touring band.” (Frontman Luke Asgain)

Sun Room

Currently in motion, Sun Room is out on the road for their Fall headline tour across North America through the end of November. Tonight, the band is playing in New York at Webster Hall. Across their upcoming tour dates, Sun Room will be joined by Sports Team, Sarah & the Sundays, and Surf Trash. Next weekend, Sun Room is headlining Ocean Fest, a North Carolina festival that aims to raise awareness and funds for protecting the ocean.