Swan Hill Release Double A Side Single “Rosebud / Landlines”

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Swansea indie-fuzz favorites Swan Hill have not one, but two new offerings of hooky guitar goodness in the shape of the Double A-Side single, Rosebud / Landlines. Following hot on the heels of the success of 2022’s Unlucky, these two complimentary tracks showcase the band’s unmistakable style. Rosebud & Landlines are both now available via streaming platforms and on cassette through Sgeti Records.

Swan Hill

The anthemic Rosebud has become a staple of the band’s live sets with it’s driving guitar riff, searing Mascis-esque dual guitar solos and vocal harmonies akin to the Wilson brothers after several cans of Oranjeboom. The lyrics touch upon age old topics such as the loss of youth, microwaveable evening meals and the poor selection of vinyl at charity shops. The counterpart to Rosebud is Landlines, a track that broadens the band’s musical palette, opening with a simple programmed drum machine beat before bursting into layers of angular guitars and asymmetric descending basslines. Landlines is also a catchy sub 3 minute paean to an obsolete format of tele-communications

Swan Hill

Swan Hill will continue to spread their gospel of fuzzy power pop and off kilter humour on small stages across the UK that they can barely fit their pedalboards on. This Saturday, the 5th August, the band will be playing a free entry show at Cardiff’s The Moon alongside Pavilion Rd.