Talco Share “Garage Jukebox” From “Viddeogame” Album

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Talco are coming back with a new album! After weathering the pandemic hurricane by masterfully riding the stormiest waves of their career with the side project, Talco Maskerade, and revving up with the Insert Coin EP, it’s almost time for the Italian band to release their highly anticipated new work, Videogame, that will be released on September 30th via Punkchanka Records and Long Beach Records. A new single, Garage Jukebox, taken from the upcoming album is being released today, the track is a powerful song in sound and intense in lyrics, which enhances the band’s artistic peculiarities, hinting at what’s to come from the album.

“The garage and the jukebox are metaphorically two sides of the same coin, one connected to the other: they represent the isolation of the writer, considered by his environment a cold, automatic dispenser of ideas, but who, far from the frenetic lights of the show, manages to protect in a corner of solitude the best moments of his life, thanks to writing. From there he sets off again for a new video game. A song about the unconditional love of writing and making music, in a creative oasis hidden from everyone, where passion is kept intimately safe, away from a precarious environment that turns it into cold merchandise, as if it were a jukebox waiting for a yes or a thumbs down.”