The Bambies Reveal New Album “Summer Soon”

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The Bambies
 are a trio hailing from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. They are a trilingual, tri-national band of miscreants that has been crafting a flavor of punk rock with a rawness that is straight out of the garage. Their music is gritty yet poppy, mischievous but charming, infectious, danceable, and above all, fun. The alchemy behind Bambies’ sound starts with a base inspiration of 70s punk and ramones-core, throw in a good dose of power-pop with the sunny side up , liberally season with handfuls of garage rock, sprinkle with rock and roll guitar licks, finally top off with a swirl of surf music.

The global pandemic put a pause on their plans for dominating the airwaves. However, this summer they are proud to finally bring you Summer Soon via Spaghetty Town Records in the US, Wanda Records in Europe and via Bandcamp.