The Bare Minimum Reveal “Conspiracy 2” & Announce New Album “Is A Gateway Drug”

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Conspiracy 2 (Shadowban) is the new lead single from The Bare Minimum‘s upcoming album, Is A Gateway Drug. Written as a bleak sequel to their tongue-in-cheek song Conspiracy, with a furious delivery that doesn’t waste a second of its runtime. The single is accompanied with Heelys extreme sports video, wrapped in layers of irony, loosely inspired by the skateboard videos 90s punk bands were featured in. Conspiracy 2 (Shadowban) is now available via all streaming platforms.

“We released ‘Conspiracy’ as a joke song about conspiracy theories in 2017 and to this day we still get weirdos in our comment sections. The world has changed a lot since then. We wanted to make a song about misinformation that was high energy and funny, without pouring more gasoline on the dumpster fire that has become public discourse. Fingers crossed.” (frontman Cam Gray)

The Bare Minimum‘s upcoming album Is A Gateway Drug comes out November 4th and includes 6 new songs and 6 previously released singles (Bonestorm, Scars and Stripes, Party Martyr, Echo In My Head, The Bitter Pill and Woah). Physical and purchased digital versions of the album contain the additional bonus song Stairway to Hell. The album will be available on CD and through Bandcamp and streaming platforms.