The Cides Announce New Single “Red Light Situation”

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The CidesPaul Hayward was the co-founder of early UK punk band The Molesters writing songs about social injustice, apartheid and equal rights. Decades later, he’s back at it, and you guessed it, The Cides are taking on government overreach under cover of Covid. Their new single, Red Light Situation, follows on from Wakeup England and That’s Not Love that were all recorded and produced by John Cornfield of Sawmills Studio.

“Whatever you believe about the origins of Covid and the vaxigenation programme, it all amounts to more fear and more control. As we were all born, we’re all going to die – don’t fear it. “Get a life, get a death, but fuck get out of the cage!” (Paul Hayward)

The Cides stand in solidarity with Bristol Anarchist Black Cross and are proud to be able to assist them financially in the amazing work they are doing to support those imprisoned as a result of their actions in the Kill The Bill Protests. The Cides will donate the first £1,000 of receipts from Red Light Situation to support Bristol Anarchist Black Cross, a prisoner support group based in Bristol, England. Thereafter they will receive 50% of all further income. 

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