The Owen Guns Unleash ‘EP 2 Electric Boogaloo’

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Aussie punk rock reprobates The Owen Guns have released their new seven track EP, EP 2 Electric Boogaloo, on all digital platforms via Riot Records. Its 7 tracks range from furious to funny, blending old school hardcore with sing-along punk rock and adding a metal edge. Full of blazing solos and group choruses, there’s never a lull from the onslaught of punk rock, yet the band even have time to show their “sensitive” side with a faithful cover of The Hard-ons’ Aussie punk classic, Just Being With You

The guitars thrash and wails, the bass and drums pound and the vocalist rants and raves at everything that annoys him. EP 2 Electric Boogaloo shows The Owen Guns in full flight. No prisoners taken. No fucks given.

You can stream and purchase EP 2 Electric Boogaloo here