The Owen Guns Share “Arson About” From Upcoming “Dawn Of The Braindead” Album

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The adage of “good things being worth the wait” is exemplified in The Owen Guns’ upcoming full length, Dawn Of The Braindead. Under various contracts for their first two EPs, this is the sound of a well honed and liberated band.

This type of punk requires a sub-genre of its own; polished but not wartless, political but not preachy. An array of scorn worthy topics are punchily tackled on this album; racism, greed, child harm, church vs. state. The type of liberal and inclusive content that’s so brilliant about Australian ideology.

The song Arson About has been chosen as it’s the most ‘radio friendly’ track on the album; in so much as it doesn’t have any swearing, but those with an ear for solid punk, who enjoy the sound of a tongue firmly in its cheek won’t stop at just one song.