The Punk Site 2020 Top 20: Girls In Synthesis

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At Number 4 in The Punk Site‘s countdown of our contributors favourite releases from 2020 is Girls In Synthesis debut album “Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future” that was released in August. The album is their first release for Harbinger Sound and finds the band advancing their sound, making subtle but experimental shifts in texture and tone, helping to break free from the shackled straight-jacket of punk rock. In our review of the album we concluded that ““this is the soundtrack to the strangest year in living memory, dark, claustrophobic, jagged, scathing and raging. After everything this year has thrown at us this album sounds like it’s crawling the walls and gouging scars in the plaster with it’s fingernails, straining to escape the social isolation.

You can stream and purchase “Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future” here