The Punk Site 2020 Top 20: Knife Club

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We have hit the halfway point in The Punk Site‘s 2020 Top 20, occupying the half way point of our annual countdown of the best releases from the year that is almost over is Knife Club‘s debut album “We Are Knife Club” that was released back in May via TNSrecordsKnife Club spent months building up hype with the #whoareknifeclub? hashtag and a load of social media teasing, they seamlessly managed to line up their launch and subsequent gigs and festival dates with the launch of a global pandemic and as a result, it fell flat on its face. Regardless they released their stunning debut album, and followed it up with the “Lockdown Acoustic” EP, that contains “the type of inclusive gang mentality that will make you want to sign up to be a card-carrying member of Knife Club”

‘We Are Knife Club’ is available on vinyl and CD from TNSRecords & via Bandcamp