The Punk Site 2020 Top 20: Spanish Love Songs

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At number 6 in The Punk Site‘s top 20 from 2020 lies Spanish Love Songs and their latest full length “Brave Faces Everyone” that was released in February via Pure Noise Records. The album follows on from 2018’s “Schmaltz“, that topped The Punk Site‘s 2018 Top 20, the album boasted an almost prophetic album title given what followed the month after it’s release. “Brave Faces Everyone” boldly declares that even though things might be bad, they’re not hopeless, Spanish Love Songs are trying to break through that pessimism however they can. Sometimes that’s as simple as a hopeful lyric or soaring chorus to cut the tension in an otherwise weighty song, a brief respite that gives listeners a comforting melody to rally around.

Brave Faces Everyone” can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here