The Punk Site 2020 Top 20: The Dead Krazukies

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At number 7 in The Punk Site‘s writers and photographers top 20 releases of 2020 is “Icarus“, the latest album from France’s The Dead Krazukies that was released in November via Punk & Disorderly Records, SBÄM Records and Sound Speed Records. In our review of “Icarus” we concluded “The Dead Krazukies sophomore album is an unrelenting blast of punk rock that carries the influence of that classic EpiFat sound and is delivered with a gallic flair that throws that illusive X factor into the mix. “Icarus” follows up, and builds on, 2016’s “The Northern Belle” and delivers twelve flawless hits of raw melodic hooky punk rock in a round forty minutes, their new full length flashes past and has you hitting play again once the final chords of the superb closing track ‘Supernova‘ fade out.”

You can stream and purchase “Icarushere and view the ‘Burn Out‘ video below