The Punk Site 2021 Top 20: Jakob Mind – The One Who Got Away

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At number 6 in The Punk Site’s top 20 from 2021 lies Jakob Mind, the solo project of Rotten Mind guitarist and vocalist Jakob Arvidsson. His debut album, The One Who Got Away, was released in April via Lövely Records, the album blends the sound that put Rotten Mind on the underground radar with Jakob’s own musical influences. The One Who Got Away offers a recognizable yet fresh take on guitar-driven “loser punk”.

“Whether an album grabs you immediately because of it’s lyrics or if you’re first hooked in by the beats, guitars and melodies “The One Who Got Away” is one of those albums you just need in your life. Fans of Rotten Mind will love it, continuing as it does, the subtle moves they’ve developed towards quality, catchy songs that blend so many punk rock influences into one immensely enjoyable sound. Likewise if you were brought up on a diet of classic punk and new wave and appreciate some of the pop sensibilities of 90’s indie then “The One Who Got Away” could well become your modern day favourite album. My one wish after hearing this is that we get a chance to hear these songs played live. Late February and I reckon I might have now heard my favourite album of the year.” (Steve White, March 2021)

The One Who Got Away can be streamed here and purchased via Bandcamp.