The Sonder Bombs Reveal New Single ‘The One About You’

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For those wondering where The Sonder Bombs beachside manner has been all this time, the shimmering rays of their new single ‘The One About You‘ will satisfy. For the first time in the band’s catalog, ambience is placed above adrenaline. The ukulele that has propelled so many of their most venomous moments is defanged here for a short, yet sparkling romance that offers a pillowy alternative to The Sonder Bombs‘ tough love. Their new album “Clothbound” will be released on January 29th 2021 via Take This to Heart Records and the label’s international partners, Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU) and Dew Process (AUS/NZ).

You can stream ‘The One About You‘ and pre-order “Clothbound” here