The Wreckery Return After Three Decades With New Album “Fake Is Forever”

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This is The Wreckery album that never was but always should have been! At the crest of the Australian post punk era, Melbourne’s The Wreckery played atmospheric rock with film-noir swagger and renegade attitude, carving a loyal following. Critics quickly positioned them as successors to a darkly exciting avant-garde Melbourne tradition previously marked out by The Birthday Party. Early recordings for Rampant Records showcased The Wreckery‘s fusion of swamp blues and noir-jazz, delivered with a deadpan, reckless, and romantic cut. Sadly, creative tensions saw the band implode as they were reaching their peak with 1988’s Laying Down Law album. Yet another great and dangerous rock ‘n’ roll band who became a danger to themselves. 

35 years later, their new album Fake is Forever is out today via Golden Robot Records and it delivers on unfulfilled promises, revealing The Wreckery on fire like never before. The DNA is still there, the signature sound of Charles Todd‘s baritone sax; the scathing lyrics and vocals of Hugo Race; the distorted angular guitars of Clayton-Jones; the eclecticism of multi-instrumentalist Robin Casinader; Nick Barker and former Plays With Marionettes drummer Frank Trobbiani fuse as the solid engine room of this iconic group. All the original edge with a new maturity and control.

The Wreckery

The songs still emanate from the deep, dark end of the musical gene pool. The sarcastic, provocative lyrics of Smack Me Down, Get A Name and Young People; the musical fury of Stole It From Alpha Ray and Evil Eye, the romantic melodrama of The Devil in You and Whistle Clean, the deranged rock of Dragonfly and Garbage JuiceThe Wreckery‘s range is as vast as it is ferocious. Whereas the band in the 80’s were brash and angry this record finds the band conjuring quiet menace, sensual, intoxicating.