Thee Windom Earles Reveal New Album “Trashcan Sunrise”

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Trashcan Sunrise is the new album from Thee Windom Earles and the follow up to the band’s 2019 debut, Mai Tai Pink Eye. There are tales commonly shared around flaming trash piles at five in the morning when you’ve lost your way home and you have the weirdness of strangers for company, nursing a bottle of mint liqueur and watching the sunrise. Tales of the erotic, the exotic, the pizza cheese and the downright sleaze. Tales of karma, hot dogma, skulls and wasps. Tales Thee Windom Earles know only too well and believe it’s high time to share with the world.

Cooking up a one pot of frantic 60s garage surf, hot rockabilly and greasy lounge is a band who conjure up a voodoo dancing beat and throw a good dollop of fuzz and static into the mix. The album brings all the band’s trashy elements together through tales of jazz mags, jasper infestations, jugs in space and just good old fashioned rock & roll. Recorded live in a studio in Rochdale, UK over two days, the band have captured the juiced-up energy of their live shows, distilling into a special sauce. Trashcan Sunrise is now available all good streaming outlets, Bandcamp and from the band at the their live shows.