Thomas Truax Teams Up With Budgie On New Single “Everything’s Going To Be All Right”

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American singer-songwriter and inventor Thomas Truax has joined forces with infamous drummer Budgie on his new single, Everything’s Going to Be All Right. An eerie post-punk track that sees sharp spoken-word vocals, atmospheric guitar wobbles and reverb-drenched tremolo descend towards a catchy chorus that sees Truax bear his upbeat rock’n’roll teeth, Everything’s Going to Be All Right is taken from a new album, Dream Catching Songs, that is due out in January 2023. 

Initially recorded in Berlin before being completed in Birmingham, the eclectic new track sees Truax, who has become known for his self-made musical contraptions, bring another of his inventions to life. Mother Superior is a motorised mechanical drum machine made almost entirely from recycled parts, and the machine features on the track alongside esteemed English drummer Budgie, best known for his work with Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Slits and The Creatures.

Thomas Truax

“The scene is a kitchen full of ‘beautiful losers’, crowded around a messy kitchen table, wrestling with current circumstances and celebrating comfort in friendship. There are references to William Shatner’s ‘real space flight’, Coco Chanel’s old flat, and characters from my fictional world ‘Wowtown’”. (Thomas Truax)