Tim Timebomb & Friends 7″ Series

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Tim TimebombAwesomely prolific, that’s really the only way to describe Tim Timebomb & Friends, side project of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. According to the man himself:

“Tim Timebomb and Friends is a place for me to share with you some of my favorite songs that I’ve recorded with friends of mine. I’ve always enjoyed sharing music, whether I’m just sitting around playing acoustic guitar with my friends or breaking out old 45’s. I guess you could call me a music nerd. I like everything from Bob Dylan to the Ramones, to Jimmy Cliff to Cock Sparrer. I plan to bring together a great group of players to record covers as well as some originals. I hope you dig it and encourage you to pass them on.”

Songs are released digitally on youtube, and withe literally 100’s available it really is an impressive body of work. Now Hellcat Records and Pirates Press Records are joining forces to compile a series of three 7″ releases featuring a select few of these songs.

Details below:

Tim TimebombShe’s Drunk All The Time b/w Tulare 

Tim Timebomb 30 Pieces Of Silver b/w Ooh La La

Tim TimebombChange That Song Mr DJ b/w Gurdian Angel

All 3 are out now, so get buying to continue to support this brilliant project.