TNS Records To Release ‘Hardkore Dokument UK #1’ Single

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TNS Records have teamed up with Kibou Records (UK), Amok Records (Germany), Sick World Records (New Zealand) and Mangel Wax Records (Sweden) to bring you their first release of 2019, the Hardkore Dokument UK #1 7” compilation that features Pizzatramp, Grand Collapse, The Domestics, Rash Decision, Wolfbeast Destroyer and Guilt PoliceHardkore Dokument UK#1 features six of the best known hardcore punk bands in the UK right now; bands that are tearing it up live and on record, home and abroad. Each track on the limited edition Hardkore Dokument UK #1 7” is exclusive to this release.

Hardkore Dokument UK #1 can be pre-ordered via TNS Records here