Bandcamp Friday: TNSrecords

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Today is Bandcamp Friday so there is no better time to support independent and DIY labels, Andy Davies from TNSrecords released this statement “Despite the Lockdown, we’ve been very busy at TNSrecords. We just want to assure people that we have a Post Office Drop and Go card, so we can safely send your orders. Please keep the orders coming as we had already sent loads of stuff to press prior to lockdown, and with the bands unable to gig, selling the records/CDs this way is vital to us. We’ve already released albums for Brassick, Follow Your Dreams, Christmas, Jodie Faster, Haest and Knife Club, plus a Pizzatramp / Incisions 7″ very recently. We’ve currently got the new Bobby Funk album and a split 12” for The Domestics / Pizzatramp on pre-order. We have several more things lined up. It has already been a busy year and it’s definitely gonna stay that way You can pick up physical releases at We are still 100% not-for-profit, so everything you spend goes straight back into the label. Our releases are also available digitally via Bandcamp“.