Toronto’s Fluffio Reveals Debut EP “TV Generation”

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Toronto’s Fluffio has released his debut EP, TV Generation, that consists of four dynamically eccentric songs showcasing a variety of genres and influences to craft an entirely unique sound. Fluffio voices the restless reality of current times by waging a cleverly worded war on pop culture’s critical flaws; unifying listeners in solidarity with themes that are universally felt by all. TV Generation provides both ear candy for the masses and a special treat for anyone willing to take the deep dive, defying the conventional with the exceptional.


“I am excited to have started releasing my music with these 4 tracks. To me, Runaway is the most “poppy” sounding song of all the tracks with a right off the back hook, upbeat ska esc verse and big end. Blame is more down and dirty full steam ahead angry punk track. The title track, TV Generation is a combination of the first two but battling a more mature subject matter. Lastly, Destiny kind of brings it all home in an “everything will be alright” kind of way while being more skate punk- people around me have compared Destiny to very early blink182.”