Typhoid Rosie Share Track By Track Of New Album “Last Words”

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Typhoid Rosie have officially released their fifth studio full length, Last Words, that is now available via streaming platforms and Bandcamp. Last Words featuring ten high-energy anthems that you can shout from the rooftops, the album will keep you entertained, tantalizing your senses with hints of comedy, philosophy and storytelling, songs about fight or flight battles, cutting motherfuckers out of your life, homemade remedies for yeast infections, dogs, witch-hunts, energy vampires, exorcisms, unapologetic self loving f-bombs, Hollywood circle jerks, loving beyond the grave and plenty of spicy musical sauce to wake you the fuck up. Front woman Rosie Rebel has provided The Punk Site with an insight into the inspiration behind every song on Last Words:

Typhoid Rosie

Something To Fight For 

“This song is dedicated to my dog Canaan and every dog at Rainbow Bridge. This song is about how our dog overcame paralysis after he suffered a spinal stroke on his morning walk while we were on tour in Chicago. The back half of his body went completely paralyzed. As a touring band we stopped along vets in every city while caring for our poor dog. On one of our walks in Indiana – we were holding back hips up by a towel so he could go to the bathroom. Instead our dog went into the bushes and gave us that look that he was ready to die and not coming out. That’s when we said: “We’re not gonna leave you in this shithole town!. Get in the car, Lets go!”. We climbed into the bushes, scooped up our half crippled dog, and we were on to the next City, and the next, and the next while keeping him as comfortable as we could. After we got back to New York, we got him a wagon so we could wheel him to the park and we started doing water therapy to help him gain his strength back in his back legs. In 3 weeks, my dog was walking again with a pimp walk that he would carry in the streets of Brooklyn for the rest of his full life. A neurosurgeon told us “She could operate but she thought that he was healing himself.” It was nothing but his love for us that helped him fight, “We gave his soul something to fight for!” Canaan passed five years later at home with us after a bout with lung cancer. Every time I sing this song, I remember that miracle and everything we went through. My soul travels a great distance to my boy. After he died we couldn’t stop crying and that’s when we adopted 2 pitt bulls through See Spot Rescued. When we’re playing your city, just know that our dogs are nearby in a pet friendly hotel! “

Time For The Takedown

“I don’t believe in violence. But not everyone is as loving as you. There are evil-hearted people who take pleasure in bringing pain and violence upon others. This song is about that moment when someone comes for your blood, and you are stuck with a fight or flight situation. In this case, he picked the wrong house, the wrong woman, the wrong family to fuck with! This lady wanted rest and relaxation but is fully prepared to take a mother fucker out.”

Cover It Up (Fuck You, I’m So Beautiful) 

“It’s a war out there to love yourself. Insecurities are worth trillions of dollars. Every day advertisements, fashion icons, and celebrities sell us products. And it works! Trillions are spent on skin bleaching, tanning, fake eye lashes, make up, implants, cosmetics, anti aging products, and plastic surgery. While a few lucky bastards are sitting on their private jets growing richer from mass low self esteem. To reinforce these mentalities all day long we see models and celebrities who are so airbrushed that not even their own mothers recognize them. They sell us diet pills, and tummy tucks – they do this while sprinkling high fructose corn syrup, and synthetic oils in our food ensuring we’ll always be too fat and ugly by the countless impossible beauty standards we see every day. And just when you’re ready to retire and enjoy your precious life – that’s when the age-shaming cycle begins where we treat our seniors like human garbage. This perpetual cycle happens thousands of times a day without us even noticing. I wonder what the World would look like if every man, woman, and child felt better about themselves. Maybe there would be less envy, jealousy, violence and suicide. These bodies are just our hermit crab shells, and I would rather bring the focus back on more important shit like our God-given talents – purpose and mission for our lives. Instead of making girls feel ugly, what if we inspired them to become doctors, and scientists? This song gives you the punk rock affirmation you can shout from rooftops when you need to remind yourself that you were made by the hand of God. “Fuck you, fuck you, I’m so beautiful!” Tell the whole fucking World how beautiful you are! And don’t forget to use this song and tag me!”

Get The Fuck Out

“It’s a spiritual war out there! This song is about when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep and Satan slithers into your room. In this song, I drop a few F* bombs telling Satan to get out of my room, and offer him alternatives to people who would happily hand over their souls in back door deals and circle jerks- just like Hollywood and the Government!”

Don’t Believe Them

“Don’t trust everyone. Watch out for the red flags! Arm yourself for this World by sleeping with one eye open, maybe have an arsenal of sage, a crucifix, palo santo, rosaries, holy water, and band aids, but also don’t be so naive! People who willingly hurt you usually only come back to repeat the cycle and to finish you off. As they say, “When people show you who they really are- believe them the first time!””

Get In Line

“Not everyone is going to like you. There is no shortage of trolls out there! Read the comments on anyones social media feed and watch the worst of humanity unfold. So many miserable trolls hiding behind their keyboards waiting to take their shot and tear you down. This song is about embracing the hate coming your way- it means you’re on the right path. In this song, I deal with my own witch hunt and embrace it with my last words before being burned at the stake. It is in this song where our record was named.”

Genetic Yeastation

“This is actually the first song I ever wrote. Before I knew I was a singer, or had any songwriting talent – I was a comedian. One day this song came to me, and I had a comedy show coming up soI put together a band to play it and that’s how my band Typhoid Rosie was born. It’s a joke song about a girl with a yeast infection, but the infection takes a dark turn when the infection develops a resistance to the antidote. The girl resorts to a homemade remedy as she tries to rid her body of this vile infection that takes over her life. There’s garlic in strange places, vampires, demons, and priests involved. This song is not for Sunday dinner with your grandparents. It’s NSFW and best enjoyed privately – but it’s funny as hell. By the end of the song, our yeasty hero has no more friends or family and she’s living on the street eating out of a garbage can. Take care of that choach! If you like comedic horror stories, get in the van!”

When You’re Gone

“On my first day married, I turned to my husband, who also happens to be my drummer, and said, “Who do you think will die first?” He thought about it for a second and said, “I don’t know, probably me.” I wasn’t ready for the answer – what a stupid question, I started balling hysterically with snot running down my newly-wed face. We’ve been together for so long and this song is about those dark thoughts of me mourning a man who isn’t even dead yet.  It’s a very sweet ballad of codependency, I don’t know how I will live without him, If you make it that far in a relationship it’s impossible to turn around. We have a treasury of adventures, memories, an arsenal of funny jokes. But he doesn’t like having his picture taken, and he doesn’t let me record his funny jokes. “Give me something – something to remember – just let me take your picture.” He knows how I like to cry watching memories of my dead relatives. Having lost my mother, and my grandparents,the fear and trauma is real. I say to him to send me a sign, “Light the sky and send me a sign, I’ll be looking out for you.” After having his love I say “Come and find me in any life.” It really is one of my most beautiful love songs I wrote for him, I wrote him 3.”

Here Lies My Friend

“This song is about that moment when your friend is going the wrong way and you have to part ways. My Dad was around during Vietnam, and one time he went to hang out with his childhood friends and they were all shooting heroin. My Dad left, and right away signed up for the merchant marines. He knew that if he hung out with him, it would be the end of him. His friends in that room all died of heroin overdose. I’ve known plenty of people who lost their way to these horrible drugs.”

You’ve Been Deleted

“This song is about cutting motherfuckers out of your life. Delete those people IRL. Namaste, bitch!”