Voodoo Bloo Release Visuals For Latest Single “Small’

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The Sheffield born, New Zealand based Alt Punk band Voodoo Bloo have released the video for their latest single, Small, that is now available via PlasticGroove Records. The track is taken from their upcoming full length, The Blessed Ghost, and is a notable departure from Voodoo Bloo’s high-octane post-punk-esque style, the track opts for a more emotive soundscape with soaring guitar melodies, driving bass lines and energetic drum beats that frame frontman Rory McDonald’s impassioned vocals perfectly. Small is about the Peter Pan complex, knowing you have to grow up no matter how hard the change may be.

“In a way, it was written not only to a younger self but also my Mother, about my growth into a person and the distance it’s created from memories long gone. This is a new frontier for Voodoo Bloo, a new chapter of what we stand for and what we wish to create beyond our wildest imagination.” (Rory McDonald)

You can stream Small here