Warish Unleash ‘S.H.M.’ Video Featuring Barney The Dinosaur

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Fronted by Riley Hawk, the pro-skater son of Tony Hawk, San Diego power-trio Warish take all the grind and grit of skateboarding and funnel it directly into the noisy punk-metal assault of “Next To Pay“, their forthcoming new album that is due out on April 30th via RidingEasy Records. We now get to sample another sharp taste of the album’s maniacal bludgeoning with ‘S.H.M.(Second Hand Misery)’ and its wonderfully bizarre new video featuring American kids TV’s most famous dancing dinosaur Barney, who provides a joyous juxtaposition to the songs charging overdriven fuzz attack.

Next To Pay” can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp & RidingEasy Records

You can check out the ‘S.H.M (Second Hand Misery)‘ video below

This video came to mind when I heard ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ by Barney playing somewhere and I was in a bad mood and was thinking ‘this song is kinda evil sounding’. Then I went home and instantly started editing the video to the track ‘S.H.M.’ because it’s the polar opposite. It fitted nicely I thought