Wytch Pycknyck Share Title Track From Upcoming Debut Album “Columbo No. 5″

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Hastings based ‘stoner speed freaks’ Wytch Pycknyck don’t play a lot of local gigs, but every now and again big dayglo posters of snakes and demons and skulls will appear resulting in packed to the rafters shows, blending 70’s and 90’s guitars into a fierce lo-fi stoner, psychedelic, garage rock brawl. Property Of The Lost label hunted the band down after seeing them as part of the infamous Hastings Fat Tuesday Festival. The band lifted the crowd off on a 20-minute juggernaut journey of Motörhead meets 90’‘s Hardcore. No wasted spaces, they came, they conquered, they left.

This is the first outing from their forthcoming debut album, Columbo No. 5; the song touches on themes of positive empowerment, self-belief and acknowledging the power of anger to effect change socially & personally and calls out the bullshit. Recorded at the historic Tunbridge Wells Forum, it’s a kinetic two and a half minutes that draws from classic Butthole Surfers and Sonic Youth with an added AC/DC stomp. The debut Wytch Pycknyck album is due early 2024 on Property Of The Lost. Watch the skies, and deep space, for more information.

Wytch Pycknyk

Wytch Pycknyck UK Tour Dates

Oct 24th London, The Water Rats

Oct 28th Hastings, The Albion

Nov 3rd Brighton, Worlds End