XUP Launches “Planet XUP” Compilation

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Born in Gibraltar, Lane’s introduction to music came via her dad’s John Lennon records, and her mum’s Julio Iglesias tapes! But on arrival in Manchester UK to study art, she was soon mainlining Hole, The Velvet UndergroundJoy Division and Bad Seeds. Lane has played bass in several bands in Manchester and London from 2003-2007, before masterminding XUP in 2008. Since then, she has produced six albums and is currently working on some brand-new songs from a studio in Manchester’s cult Northern Quarter neighbourhood. XUP’s next batch of brand new songs will drop sometime in 2023. But in the meantime, she has dug deep into her extensive back catalogue to bring you a selection of some of her own favourite songs spanning from 2009-2020.

The songs featured have never been released as singles and are taken from all six XUP albums so far. The collection is released today and is aptly titled Planet XUP, the compilation is now available on all major digital download and streaming platforms, as well as on limited edition hot pink cassette which is available exclusively via Bandcamp. XUP is also producing a series of vlog episodes documenting her songwriting and life in and around Manchester. Each episode will be available via her YouTube channel. And if you live in Manchester you can actually order a pink XUP pizza from The Peer Hat to celebrate the release of Planet XUP!

In tracks such as Your Tattoo and FWF Lane wastes no time in laying out the stall for this compilation; unabashed, raw post punk at its finest. The simplicity enthralls. The grunge feel to Asteroids and the powerful drum beat of Dorsal Fin stand in stark comparison; you have to be brave to make this kind of music. Loupe/Sleep rightly stands out from the bunch due to its complexity and will undoubtedly be the track fans flock to. Your Guitar and Thunderbird work perfectly together, showing the care that has gone into compiling this set. Porcupine could easily have been written by any of the garage greats and Last Girl Standing is pure Birthday Party. The album’s closer, Big Man’s Shoes, is aptly titled, this one-woman show can more than fill any shoes she’s presented with.