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2 Sevens

Back On Track - Self Released

2 Sevens are a band from Glasgow that have been around since 2018, and it might not come as any surprise when checking out their music, that the backing logo of the bands name vaguely resembles the Strummerville logo.  Music that crashes through the wall at ya and tales you back to the start of punk, yet still has something new to bring.

Made up of in their words Murray (Drums) “Really Loud Bastard”, Fraser (Bass/Backing Vocals) “Nearly As Loud Bastard”, Andy (Guitar/Backing Vocal) “Almost As Loud As Fraser”, and John (Vocals) “Voice Of A Bastard Angel”. 2 Sevens are 4 guys who have been in and around the scene from the beginning, who decided that they still have music worthy of writing, playing and sharing.

So the title Back On Track says it as it is, back in the Riff filled groove, the runaway train jumps back on the track and crashes headlong into your ears.

10 tracks steam headlong into the world on this album, kicking off with ‘Rosie K’ which immediately resembles a slowed down Ramones banger (come on getting a little older does have some affect), pure melodic Punk/Rock n Roll played just how it should be, loud and proud.

If like myself you listen to any kind of music, but your heart and soul is always right there in the garage punk camp, then its always great to hear an album/band that put it out there just as it should be.  Songs like ‘Place In the Sun’ with it Mick Jones esque Riffs, ‘Diary Of A Junkie’ that falls back on a Bass line that could have directly from the pen of Paul Simonon, ‘Hey Louise’ that shows John’s straight up Rock n Roll vocal to be as smooth as TV Smith at his early best.

It’s not that often that a band releases and album that says nothing more than “we are Punk, we are Rock n Roll, we actually don’t give a fuck that we don’t make the new music category”2 Sevens I would liken to Johnny Skull Knuckles and The Dead Beats in this vane, no air and graces, just heart on sleeve music, take the mix cover of ‘Pressure Drop’ a back to the roots of Punk influence song, a reggae classic that always screams music family to me, its a backbone of life style song and this version takes on a life of its own, true but new. 

So when you reach the end of this hopefully only latest and not last album, its fitting that possibly the best is last, not that its a clear favourite, so many to choose from, but ‘Your Song’ some how has the edge, a ear worm riff, a bass line that is there and understated, a drumbeat that hooks you in and a lyric that says so much about punk, we are who we are and we won’t sing your song, simple but to the point.

Oh and it was mastered by the same guy that has done the same for LoGOz, a winner right there. 

The album was released back on 17th June, so make up for lost time and get on over to the bands FACEBOOK to fond out so much more about them.

Go have a sneak listen on SOUNDCLOUD and find the links to buy too.