A Faith Called Chaos – Forgive Nothing

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A Faith Called Chaos

Forgive Nothing - Volcom Entertainment

I don’t like hardcore. With screaming vocals that half the time you can’t understand and instrumentals that are totally overwhelming and just too loud. A Faith Called Chaos is the exception to that. Their post-hardcore madness is something I really enjoy.

Forgive Nothing is the amazing debut album from the Texas five-piece band. It’s full to the rim of mind-bending guitar solos, driving bass melodies, hard hitting drum rolls and powerful, screaming vocals. They ease you into the album with a captivating introduction before bursting full force into Circa ’98, and it doesn’t stop there. With each song you can feel the emotion and power from the band, a perfect example can be found in The Pugilist. The album has ten tracks on it, but with each song being around two to three minutes long, the entire album only lasts around twenty-seven minutes. But the short length of it is a good thing. The songs don’t get dragged on pointlessly, they instead jump straight to the point and don’t miss anything. And plus, it doesn’t matter how long the album is, no matter what you find yourself putting it on repeat.

A Faith Called Chaos breathes new hope into the post-hardcore scene, and you know they will only go further. I mean, 40% of the band isn’t even out of high school yet and they are blowing minds all over the world. Just wait intill the grow and mature, then the real madness will begin.