Album Review: Attic Salt – Self Titled

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Attic Salt

Attic Salt - Dodgeball Records

A new release from Dodgeball Records, the new label formed earlier this year by members of Showoff and The Smoking Popes, has become something that I look forward to finding in my inbox, as so far the fledgling label hasn’t put a foot wrong with any of their signings. Their latest release is the self titled debut from the Illinois quartet Attic Salt, I’ll confess that this is a band I haven’t previously encountered, but they have come from out of nowhere and delivered an absolutely stunning full length first time out, one that continues the unparalleled consistency that Dodgeball Records have achieved in the first year of existence.

From the first track on their debut album, Hometown, you get the feeling that Attic Salt‘s debut is going to be in something rather special, the album is an uptempo mix of indie, punk and power pop that hits the spot on all ten tracks, although I will confess to a slight preference for when guitarist Alyssa Currie takes over the vocal duties, but it really is a slight preference. For the most part the album heads along at full steam, but when Attic Salt do take their foot off the gas slightly on Sierra Nevada it just blends perfectly into the album, trying to pick a favourite track or moment on Attic Salt‘s debut is impossible, as for only the third time this year I’ve encountered an album where every single track is perfect.

Attic Salt have the feel of Hot Boxing era Magnapop, but alongside this there are traces of The Primitives, The Weakerthans, Green Day and early Blondie in their DNA, the alternating male and female vocals both fit perfectly with the uptempo guitar riffs and driving drums, and this flawless combination makes this as good a debut album as I’ve heard by anyone, not just this year but put a full stop in front of that statement. With their first full length Attic Salt have released one of the best album’s I’ve heard this year, and by now you should already be ordering a copy as there really are few albums from 2017 that are this good.

Attic Salt‘s self titled debut can be ordered on CD via Dodgeball Records here and via iTunes here and Spotify here