Album Review: Bad Mechanics – Precious Moments In The USA

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Bad Mechanics

Precious Moments In The USA - Stonewalled Records

Bad Mechanics, who have proclaimed themselves to be ‘America’s baddest band’, will release their debut album Precious Moments in the USA on September 15th 2017 via Stonewalled Records. The album was recorded over the politically tumultuous events of the last year, and sees Bad Mechanics expanding on their humorous style of Devo inspired new wave and punk, while throwing in elements of industrial, indie, pop punk, rock and techno into the mix, resulting in eleven tracks that pretty much defy description, but I’ll give it my best shot.

The lead single, You Drink Lacroix, opens Precious Moments In The USA with a oddball mix of techno, new wave and punk rock that is strangely infectious, Social Obligation brings a heavier punk influence that is followed by an oddball call to arms to Vote Jofrey. Must Be The City continues the distinctly quirky mix of influences and Daddy’s Pastures brings a curious dark synth led element before we get a return to the new wave with USA Food, which would sound perfectly at home on the Team America soundtrack. Pink Foliage sounds like a dark industrial landscape on acid, this is followed DiCaprio Ate A Baby that recalls the strangeness of Dead Milkmen in a dark mood. The pounding industrial beat of Women At The Arcade is followed by the synth pop of Zinester Girl, and finally Morning In America brings things to a close with a damming indictment of the dark side of the American dream.

Precious Moments In The USA is a unique album, there’s a heavy influence of Devo in the sound, but despite the humorous approach there are salient points and political satire that sit happily amidst the eccentric soundtrack. I honestly don’t know what to make of Precious Moments In The USA, other than to say this is easily the most unique album I’ve heard so far this year and that there is no one else doing anything even remotely similar to Bad Mechanics, and I mean that in a good way. Precious Moments In The USA is a uniquely satirical soundtrack that has more hits than misses embedded in it’s eclectic grooves, and whilst I doubt anyone will love everything on here I think that this is something that you need to hear.

Precious Moments In The USA can be pre-ordered on CD, vinyl and digital formats here