Album Review: Bloodhound – Fragile Skeleton

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Fragile Skeleton - Self Released

The atmospheric grunge trio Bloodhound are set to release their debut album “Fragile Skeleton” on the 31st January 2020, the album follows up on the trio of singles that preceded the album’s release, “Fragile Skeleton” also features contributions from Fiona Lee, Ru Cowl of Faux Pas and BroodersAdam Bairstow, who also recorded and co-produced the album with Bloodhound. “Fragile Skeleton” kicks off with ‘Everyone Is My Friend‘, a heavily distorted track 1 side 1 that hooks you straight into the album, which for me is just as things oughta be, before ‘Again‘ ups the ante with a heavier darker attack that breaks down into an experimental passage before kicking back into gear, something that hints at Bloodhound‘s true character rather than the album’s splendid opening moment.

Like a dense forest the further you get into “Fragile Skeleton” the darker it seems to become, ‘Praise‘ brings an intense brooding riff into play, the momentum towards the album’s dark heart continues with the quasi psychedelic ‘Short‘. Unexpectedly at the half way point the album takes a gentler and more subtler tone with ‘Cold‘ and ‘Try‘, after this Bloodhound throw everything into mix with the heavy proto rock of ‘Am I Okay?‘, ‘Worn Down‘, that has hints of the Stone Roses in it’s grooves, until finally the atmospheric duo of ‘FRSTRTD‘ and ‘If This Is The Way It Is‘ lead you back out blinking in the daylight. There are the obvious suspects that have influenced Bloodhound, including the likes of Queens of The Stone Age, Drenge, Royal Blood, Nirvana and Alice In Chains, but that is not the end of the story as Bloodhound have added their own dark psychedelic twist into the mix.

Fragile Skeleton” is an album that initially promises you some enjoyable, if not a tad predictable, grunge, but as the album develops they head off down unexpected paths and embrace pretty much everything since the mid sixties. This is something of a double edged sword as I doubt many will play “Fragile Skeleton” in it’s entirety and love every moment, but on the other hand this is an experimental and original album that, whilst drawing heavily from grunge, has it’s own character and is not what you’d expect from the opening radio friendly blast. Bloodhound will be launching “Fragile Skeleton” with a hometown show at the Polar Bear in Hull on Saturday the 1st February 2020 with support from their friends and collaborators Faux Pas and Brooders as well as a few surprise special guests. 

Bloodhound can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Music Glue & “Fragile Skeleton” can be pre-ordered here