Album Review: Casey – Where I Go When I Am Sleeping

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Where I Go When I Am Sleeping - Hassle Records / Rise Records

Casey are set to follow up on their 2016 debut, Love Is Not Enough, with a new full length, whilst their debut was an exploration of vocalist Tom Weaver‘s personal relationships in the context of his own mental health, their new album, Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, turns its focus to the issues of Weaver’s own body and the three main physical and mental afflictions that have dogged him for the majority of his life. As such Where I Go When I Am Sleeping is a logical, but no less harrowing counterpart to its predecessor.

Making Weight makes for a stark opening to Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, Wavering however delivers the kind of emotional hardcore that Casey built their reputation on, raw, visceral, emotional and powerful. The album continues to ebb and flow between brief atmospheric instrumentals and brutal emotional hardcore, all of which is underpinned by sensitive and heartfelt tracks and moments that reflect the subject matter that Casey‘s sophomore release deals with. The closing track, Wounds, captures the essence of Where I Go When I Am Sleeping with it’s heart wrenching spoken word finale.
Brad Wood‘s production has brought new dimensions to Casey, the album feels more expansive, atmospheric and layered than anything the band have done before. The emotional hardcore tag that Casey have made their own is a label that doesn’t tell the whole story behind this Welsh quintet, at times it is wholly appropriate, at others it doesn’t do justice to the more intimate and personal moments on the album. Where I Go When I Am Sleeping is an album that contains moments of rage, introspection and personal lamentations that reflect Tom Weaver‘s despair, suffering, defiance and determination in the face of crippling adversity.
Where I Go When I Am Sleeping can be pre-ordered via Hassle Records here and Rise Records here
Casey‘s website can be found here