Album Review: Casual Friday – Weekend Forever

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Casual Friday

Weekend Forever - Open Door Records / Celebrity Punk House / Hidden Home Records / Counter Intuitive Records

The Southern Californian power pop influenced rockers Casual Friday have released their debut album, Weekend Forever, via a joint enterprise through the combined independent alliance of Open Door Records, Hidden Home Records, Celebrity Punk House and Counter Intuitive Records. With such an impressive independent backing and it’s upbeat title, it would seem that Casual Friday are offering us the soundtrack for an extended weekend of fun and excess, but like many planned extended weekends that promise everything there’s almost inevitably a raincloud on the horizon.

Banger kicks things off with an elongated introduction that eventually brings an infectious slice of power pop and punk influenced rock that merges into the slightly heavier Direct Deposit, and there’s virtually no break as FOMO brings the pace down and this more relaxed vibe carries through into California. The majority of this album carries on down this well trodden path and with the exception of the melancholic Blackhole, that brings a touch of depth and variation to proceedings, Weekend Forever is a slice of sunny power pop and indie inspired rock that just doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the party.

There is a sense of deja vu as the Californian slacker power pop washes over you in a not unpleasant wave, but for me there’s never quite the essential hook to pull you into the album, and that’s a shame as all the ingredients are there but the mix of influences seems out of kilter, resulting in an album that’s neither fish nor fowl. There’s an obvious influence from the likes of Weezer, Piebald and The Wannadies on this release, and if those bands have a place in your heart then I’d recommend Casual Friday for your playlist, but for me Weekend Forever falls just short of the mark.

You can order the vinyl release of Weekend Forever via Open Door Records here

Weekend Forever is available for streaming and download via Bandcamp here