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Cockwomble - Self Released

In the month that saw Boris Johnson installed, in his own mind at least, as the King of the World, there has never been a greater need for Cockwomble‘s wholesome blend of vitriol and melody. The world is becoming increasingly incomprehensible and bizarre, and in doing so is moving towards the equally determined oddness of this, the eponymous Cockwomble album. The band’s often (probably) treasonable diatribes are the only logical antidote to this madness. Yes, there are plenty of angry punks about and a lot of them are very angry indeed. But what makes Cockwomble‘s laser-guided bombs so effective is that each of the songs presented on this debut album has a lyrical acuity that is the perfect foil to their outsider punk musical groove. No brutal power, but superlatively effective and clever invective that you can dance too and agree the fuck out of.

This is protest music and this is outsider music. But it is brilliant music, awkward sometimes, always visceral, paradoxically simple and complex. It’s not likely to get much love from the Pimms and cucumber sandwiches set, or Major Angry (Retd) of Tunbridge Wells. So that’s the political context sorted. What does it sound like? Something like Graham Coxon joining Supergrass to bring Crass‘s catalogue up to date. If this sounds a bit challenging, it really isn’t. Each of these ten tracks is instantly hooky. It’s vitriol you can very happily sing along too. The album comprises tracks from the preceding EPs plus some new material. The whole deal clocks in at a very tidy 10 tracks in 27 minutes. The resistance is rising, and it is armed with musical instruments and a razor-sharp wit – this resistance is far from futile. Monarchists and gammons, look away now.

Cockwomble can be purchased on CD here with a digital release to follow later in the year.

Cockwomble‘s website can be found here