Album Review: Damn Vandals – You Me The Devil And The Sunshine

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Damn Vandals

You Me The Devil And The Sunshine - Sexy Beast

London’s Damn Vandals recently released their latest full length “You Me The Devil And The Sunshine” through digital service providers via Sexy Beast, the band’s latest album was recorded live at Konk Studios, something that helped them capture the visceral energy of the band’s live shows, and was produced by longtime collaborator Julian SimmonsDamn Vandals seem to be a band that sit at the crossroads of alternative music, on the one hand you have the twisted lunacy of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Diaster, also approaching this junction at high speed are Rocket From The Crypt, Loop and Queens Of The Stone Age, the end result is a head on collision between styles that brings together a chaotic melding that will recall anyone, and quite possibly everyone, from the dark side of your collection.

The early fuzzed out ominous chords of “Don’t You Meddle With The Gods Tonight” set out the stall for “You Me The Devil And The Sunshine“, with a hit of twisted urban desert rock. The menacing ‘Biblical Dancer‘ keeps the beat alive and builds it up to cardiac arrest levels before it suddenly ceases and the dark and driven ‘This City‘ picks up the baton. There are moments of relative calm such as ‘Into The Light Of Love‘ and ‘Cobra‘, but rest assured the primal hedonistic rock ‘n roll returns with a snarl. Tracks such as ‘Happy In the Fall‘ and ‘Mammals At Work’ channel a discordant hypnotic riff, whilst ‘Jack All‘ and ‘It’s Alive‘ infuse the blues with a punked up attitude. These moments are interspersed by the dark sinister psychedelia of ‘Mr. Lemon Shake‘, the mescaline crazed desert rock of ‘Drink It Up‘ and the chaotic finalé of ‘They Won’t Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon‘.

You Me The Devil And The Sunshine” is not an album that grabs you immediately, Damn Vandals might lurch between styles almost disconcertingly, but there is a glue that binds the album’s dozen cuts together. Their influences are front and centre throughout the album and Damn Vandals are a band that draw deep from the dark and intoxicated side of rock ‘n roll, and in my experience this is rarely a bad thing. However, as much as I lost myself in “You Me The Devil And The Sunshine” the feeling you get from this album is that this is a band that belong onstage in a sweaty basement or attic venue, hopefully it won’t be too long before those dreams become a reality once more.

You can stream “You Me The Devil And The Sunshine” via Spotify here