Album Review: First Wave: Blue Screen Exile

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First Wave

Blue Screen Exile - Self Released

First Wave have self released their long awaited new album, Blue Screen Exile, that is now available to order directly from the band’s website. Blue Screen Exile follows on from First Wave‘s impressive 2017 album, Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll, and continues their commitment to creating incendiary punk rock that is influenced by the bands from the dawn of the UK punk scene. Bands like First Wave sit at the heart of the UK’s DIY punk scene, the band’s that are out there most weekends playing live shows, not because they dream of fame and wealth but because they are punk to the core of their being, there is no possibility that any option other than playing live shows and recording music will ever have occurred to them, quite simply it is who they are and it is what they do.

Blue Screen Exile is by my reckoning First Wave‘s fifth full length of raw roots punk rock and they kick things off in true First Wave style with the anthemic Selfie Generation, proving that whilst their music has it’s origins in punk’s past the subject matter is strictly here and now. After the opening blast of old school punk rock it should no surprise that the ten tracks of Blue Screen Exile consistently channel the spirit of ’77, buzzsaw guitar riffs, chant along choruses, hefty bass hooks and plenty of woahs are spattered right across the album. The other thing that strikes me about First Wave is that there are no studio enhancements, they are that rare beast of a truly honest punk band, having caught them live I can confirm that there is little differentiation between their live sound and their studio recordings. 

Blue Screen Exile is a worthy follow on from the excellent Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll, an album that at the time was one I doubted First Wave would equal, but I can report that Blue Screen Exile is, with the sole exception of the absence of a stone cold classic like Berlin, the perfect counterpart for it’s predecessor.

Blue Screen Exile can be purchased on CD from First Wave‘s online store here

First Wave can be found Facebook here