Album Review: Follow Your Dreams – The Half-Life Of Teaspoons

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Follow Your Dreams

The Half-Life Of Teaspoons - TNSrecords

Follow Your Dreams have from all accounts only been around since about 2018, formed after the split of Rising Strike and being joined by Kaz Hinsley on vocals seems to be a moment in time that turned the level up for the band.

The Half-Life of Teaspoons is now due to be released on 17th April

Where on this earth do you start, or should that be how on earth do we start to explain exactly what is going on in this 10 track assault on the ears and all the some of the other senses for that matter!

Experimental maybe, mad possibly, different definitely, but at it’s core is Hardcore Punk with a mission, your left wondering or not quiet sure from track to track what that mission is but it surely has it’s place on any self respecting anti everything revolutionaries music shelf.

Maggots is numero uno that kicks off the album, a hint of futuristic synth (or is it?) sets you off and beckons you in, but it’s not all what it seems, its not long before you are battered and bruised by a vocal that is at least damaging and at best a true wonder of angst and screaming that you have no choice but to sit up and listen!  “The maggots have arisen and need to be squashed under foot”, well that’s my analogy anyway, decipher that and you will be well on your way to understanding how this whole album works, or maybe not, that’s for you to delve in and find out I guess.

There are some softer moment hidden away in here, no not musically, well actually there might be, but this is purely thrown in for the experimental factor, or at least it feels like this at times.  No I’m talking about tracks like Who’s There? Depression with all its anger and screamed vocal you could easily be led into writing it off as another fight against the world song, but underneath it’s a very very emotional track and it is a fight, but it’s a personal one.

Lots of anti this and anti, fuck this and fuck that, can be found lurking amongst what are essentially songs that might follow what you have come to expect in this genre, what you don’t get else where in the punk world, is what can only be described as non conformist music, music that would sit wonderfully on the shelf of not doing what it is supposed to do (will defiantly infuriate the “everything has to be in its place” musicians) and bring joy to the lovers of chaos.. 


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